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Welcome to Java Geometry Expert® Resource Center!

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  • Java is required to run JGEX (Windows Version, Linux Version)
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  • The Java Version of Geometry Expert (JGEX) is an ongoing developing system which initially began in early 2004 in Wichita State Univerisity. JGEX is a system which combines our approach for visually dynamic presentation of proofs (VDDP), dynamic geometry software (DGS), automated geometry theorem prover (GTP) .

    The VDDP part is the most distinctive part of JGEX. It is based on our work on DGS and GTP. JGEX can be used to create proofs either manually and automatically. It provides a seris of visual effects for presenting of these proofs. With the applet version of JGEX, the user may create beautiful examples and put them on the web to share with others.

    Most Recent Examples

    1. Morley's theorem >>>>
    2. The Feuerbach's theorem >>>>
    3. Thebault's theorem >>>>
    4. Vivani's theorem >>>
    5. Schwarz's theorem >>>>

    JGEX News

    1. The site was updated on June 30, 2009.
    2. The current version of JGEX is 0.80 Beta.
    3. On the celebration of Wu's 90th birthday >>>>

    Authors: Shang-Ching Chou, Xiao-Shan Gao, Zheng Ye
    If you have any question with the software, please contact:
    Developed in Computer Science Department of Wichita State University.