Theoretical Foundations of Computer Science (CS 720) Theoretical Foundations of Computer Science
CS 720
Fall 2017

Instructor : Kaushik Sinha
Class Schedule : TR 11:00-12:15 (JB 261)
Office Hours : TR 9:45-10:45 (JB 243) or by appointment.
Grader :
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CS 322 Discrete Structures II (cross-listed as Math 322).

Michael Sipser, An Introduction to the Theory of Computation, second edition, Thomson Course Technology, 2005.

Unless otherwise specified, the grading components of this class will comprise the following. There will be 8-9 homework assigments, two midterm exams and a final.

Item Weightage
Homework Assignments 35%
Midterm 1 20%
Midterm 2 20%
Final 25%

11Aug 22Class Logistics, Mathematical Notions and TerminologyChapter 0, Section 2 Intro1, Intro2
2Aug 24Definitions, Theorems and ProofsChapter 0, Section 3 Intro3, Intro4
23Aug 29Formal Definition of Finite Automation, Chapter 1, Section 1Automata1, Automata2HW1
4Aug 31Formal Definition of Computation, Designing Finite AutomataChapter 1, Section 1Automata3, Automata4
35Sep 05Review of DFA Chapter 1, Section 1HW2
6Sep 07Nondeterminism, Equivalence between NFA and DFAChapter 1, Section 2Automata5, Automata6
47Sep 12 Closure under regular operations Chapter 1, Section 2 Automata7
8Sep 14Regular Expressions, Equivalence with Finite Automata Chapter 1, Section 3 Regular Expression 1, Regular Expression 2HW3
59Sep 19Equivalence with Finite Automata Contd, Pumping Lemma Chapter 1, Section 3, 4 Pumping Lemma
10Sep 21Pumping Lemma Contd, Review Chapter 1, Section 4
611Sep 26 Context Free Grammar and derivation Chapter 2, Section 1 CFGHW4
12Sep 28Ambiguity and Chomsky normal formChapter 2, Section 1 Chomsky
7Oct 03, Midterm 1
13Oct 05Push Down AutomataChapter 2, Section 2 pda1
814Oct 10 Equivalence with Context Free GrammarsChapter 2, Section 2pda2HW5
15Oct 12Equivalence Contd, Pumping Lemma for Context-free languages Contd., Review Chapter 2, Section 2,3 pumping_contextfree
9Oct 17, Fall Break, No Class
16Oct 19Pumping Lemma Contd., Review HW6
1017Oct 24 Riview CFL
18Oct 26 Turing MachineChapter 3, Section 1turing1HW7
1119Oct 31 Examples and variants of Turing Machines Chapter 3, Section 1, 2turing2, turing3
20Nov 02Variants of Turing Machine Contd. Chapter 3, Section 2
12November 07, Midterm 2
21Nov 09Definition of Algorithms, Decidable Language Chapter 3, Section 3 turing4, decide1
1322Nov 14 Decidable problems from regular language, context-free language Chapter 4, Section 1 decide2HW8
23Nov 16Diagonalization method Chapter 4, Section 2 decide3
1424Nov 21 Diagonalization method contd., Halting Problem Chapter 4, Section 2 HW9
Nov 23, Thanksgiving Holiday, No Class
1525Nov 28 Halting Problem Chapter 4, Section 2
26Nov 30Review
1525Dec 05Final